General business conditions for "House Leonhardy" and "House Hartberg."
For payable to the decree position of vacation homes and dwellings.

Statement trip resignation

1. contract termination

With entry promise, or in short-term entry with provision of the lodging, a guest reception contract will be achieved.

2. achievements

With termination of the guest reception contract, the parties obligate themselves for the total duration of the contract to the fulfillment of the following mutual obligations out of the contract:

a) The hirer is obligated to allocate the respective lodging in the utilization just condition and corresponding to the order.

The guest is obligated to pay the contractually owed remuneration for the time (duration) of the order of the lodging.

c) The guest is not freed of the fees of the contractually owed remuneration, in that he, independent of the reason of the prevention, at which execution of the use right accruing to it is prevented.

d) The prevention is based however upon a reason, that the hirer to represented, the guest becomes of the fees of the contractually owed remuneration free.

e) 50% of the total rent sum are in contract termination due, the remainder in rent start.

3. resignation

The guest can resign always before trip start of the trip; this should result however in the characteristic interest of the guest in writing.

Do dependent on the date of the access of the resignation explanation on the part of the guest the later named become- under consideration of usual saving and usually possible receipts determined- Lump sum cancellation sentences calculates(respectively in% the trip price)

In lodging in vacation homes and dwellings:

- to the 45th day before trip start 10%

- 44.-30. day before trip start 30%

- 29.-22. day before trip start 60%

- as of 21 day before trip start 80%

- in discontinuance of the rent time 100%

It is the hirer possible to forgiven the lodging taken in claim other, does not fall the obligation of the guest to the payment in height of the other obtained receipts for this period.

To the avoidance of that in No. 3rd we recommend unpleasantness emerging under circumstances the termination of a travel cost resignation- and discontinuance insurance.

4. jurisdiction

Court of jurisdiction is Berlin